Web Management

Domain Name Management

Let me take care of your domain registrations, renewals, DNS management and more ensuring that you don’t have the hassles of dealing with the minefield of setting up and looking after the necessities to get your website up and running.

Don’t run the risk of forgetting to renew your domain and have someone steal it. Let me take care of all your Domain Name Management needs so you can spend more time on what actually matters; the day to day running of your business.

Content Management

Proper Content Management is the heart of any website getting new clients or views to your website.

You wouldn’t buy the same newspaper or magazine if it always had the same content, so why expect someone to keep coming back to your website if it’s not constantly changing or giving them the information that they want.

Let me add new content, update existing content and together we can boost your website views and repeat custom from your clients.

Speed Optimisation

Even today, in the age of high speed internet and broadband packages, Speed Optimisation is an often forgotten about factor for websites.

Whether you use a high-end desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile smartphone, the key to Speed Optimisation is proper code optimisation and caching ensuring your website loads quickly as it should no matter what device is used to view it.

Proper image compression also ensures that as well as a quick loading website, your client/viewer does not waste any data as a lot of mobile smartphone and tablet service providers still only provide a limited amount of data for their customers each month.

Security Updates

Website Security is more prevalent nowadays more than ever.

With so many people using the World Wide Web for social, business or pleasure purposes, make sure that your website and your clients/viewers personal and private data remains just that: private.

With the application of web security best practices, SSL certificate installation and management and timely updates and fixes as required for your website, let me ensure that your website and its users are as safe as possible.